Rewards Program MTG Madness

May 14, 2013

Welcome to your rewards page.
If you are here, this means you are collecting points for each dollar you spend. This is our gift back to you for your support and loyalty.
For each dollar you spend you get 1 Point. Points can be converted into an emblem below. When you have the right amount of emblems you can trade them in for more rare emblems.
Emblems can be used as discounts for your purchases. Emblems and Discount Codes can be used together. The rarer the emblem the better discount you get.
If you have any questions regarding this program please contact us at and a customer representative will get back to you.
Thanks again,
Team Madness

100 points == $1
= $12.5
= $100
= $1000
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Rewards points are a limited utility on the the website.
These points are good for 1 year after your account becomes inactive. We have the right to remove points from your account at any time. Expiration date of points after inactivity can also be changed at any time. If found to be abusing rewards points we have the right to close your account. Points may be added to your account on purchases, and other occasions.
Details on how to use the points can be found on the ‘rewards’ link in the tool bar for the website.
We reserve the right to remove points and/or emblems from user accounts, we reserve the right to end the program without prior announcements.
Points will be accredited to buyers accounts on a ratio of 1 point per 1USD spent on the site. This may vary without prior advise.
Emblems can be used as discounts only on the site, coupons, emblems and points cannot be cashed out. Points and emblems are non transferrable.

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