Find MTG Cards in Mint Conditions

A popular saying among nerds is, “one day, if you want to stop your son from smoking or taking drugs, teach him to play Magic.. , so he won’t have any money to invest in cigarettes or pot.” Nothing more true.

Magic The Gathering, for friends simply Magic, is for sure the most expensive trading card game in the world (it’s not that there are so many, in fact, but well).

Let’s start right away from why to buy Magic cards. The answer is simple … because it’s a wonderful game, played by people of all ages. Now, let’s make it a little harder: Why spend so much money on Magic cards? In the first place to compete in the relevant tournaments, in seconds for collecting (joke, no one or almost collects Magic.. too many expansions) and finally for pure vain personal glory(if you really have the money to do it I’m happy for you). My advice is, if you will understand or you already understand, to really love this game, to do things well or not to do them for nothing: it has no sense to spend, for example, 100 euro for a deck only good for a few rounds between friends, so it will be worth spending the double/triple deck competitive, or not spend at all those 100 euro and proxare (print the images and apply them on other cards that serve as a basis) the deck you want and play with that. Among other things, this last method is used by many pro players to test decks that will then assemble.

The best way, in any case, to buy Magic Cards is to buy them in bulk. That is, in essence, to buy individual cards that have been whipped by someone else. However, I will talk about this much more in detail in the last paragraph of the article.

As some of you well know, the value of a card Magic fluctuates due to a number of factors that are interconnected: the power of the card, the rarity (common, uncommon, rare, legendary), the number of expansions that have printed the paper (multiple copies around of the paper lead to keep the price low), the formats in which this card is played (Legacy, Modern, Standard, major), the number of decks in the Meta that play that card (there are cards, such as Path to exile, which are played by almost anyone), the number of copies of that card that these decks play (cards that are played predominantly 4x cost more) and the output/ban of other cards that form very smooth combos with the card in question.

Where it is possible and at the same time when it is more convenient, buy Magic cards in bulk (since to buy packages we have already explained that it is not the case).

Basically, you can buy Magic cards in bulk through three different channels: professional retailers, other players and/or more or less specialized websites.

eBay: until a few years ago it was the best site on which to make trades of this kind. To date it has “gone out of fashion”, but it still remains the best site to sell (if you have patience) your excess cards at a good price. As far as supply is concerned, unfortunately, it is now limited and prices are almost always inconvenient.

Decktutor: as quantity and variety of offers is absolutely the best site, as convenience you contend the primacy with MagicCardMarket; also it is very simple to use. Also great to buy boxes, which I mentioned earlier.

MagicCardMarket: very often it is the site that presents the best prices. The problem is that the sellers are almost all foreign, with the relative inconvenience in terms of cost and risk of shipments that this entails.

Other sites such as cardgame-club and youmagic sometimes, they can reserve good business. Although in principle they are less convenient than the above-mentioned sites.

Various groups on Facebook through which you can get in touch with so many other magic players scattered around the peninsula. The prices are usually great, but watch out for the rip-offs.