MTG Arena Esport Tournaments

MTG Arena Esports Tournaments

The Magic: The Gathering Arena (MTG Arena) is the free-to play digital collectible card game which is the digital version of the Magic: The Gathering (MTG) card game. The online game was first introduced in beta state back in November 2017 and the full release was in September 2019 for Microsoft. The macOS version is to be released in 2020. The focus of MTG Arena is on the newest game modes and cards. The planeswalkers have access to a library of almost every card that has ever been printed.

Due to how dynamic and engaging the online edition of the game is, it has led to the creation of MTG esports tournaments. What this means is that spectators can now make money using online casino & casino bonus. You just need to find the right legal casino and bet on the right player.

MTG Arena Esports Tournaments

Magic Arena Betting Guide

Whether you are interested in betting on MTG esports for fun or for money, this guide will help improve your strategy. Needless to say, Magic The Gathering is the best TCG ever created. Since its creation and release in 1993, the game has evolved tremendously over the years. It is today played on professional levels where players compete against each other with decks of 40 or up to 60 cards. A player sets out to kill their opponent by casting spells, playing creatures and other cards from his / her hand. Today MGA Arena is a heavyweight esports.

Know the players

The best advice you can get when getting ready for MTG esports is to research the players. The more you learn about your preferred player and the opponent the more informed the choice you will make when placing your bets using online casino & casino bonus. Players cannot be good in every matchups thus the reason you need to research them. Research will help understand the back story of a player as well as identify a spoiler before placing a bet.

Know the format

MTG esports are played based on one of the two rule formats: limited and constructed. With limited formats the players will build decks spontaneously from the pool of random cards with a minimum of 40 cards in the deck. Constructed format allows players to create decks from their own mostly with a minimum of 60 cards. Make sure you understand the decks and Arena codes players are bringing to the tournament before you bet. The rule of thumb is never to engage in esports betting before understanding the builder format.

Practice to perfect your strategy

The best way to win big betting on MTG esports is to keep practicing. You can take advantage of the casino bonus to bet for free. Research the season’s most popular deck strategies (control decks / aggressive decks / and so on) and practice using the bonuses in a legal casino.

betting on MTG eSports

The Best Esports Betting Sites

The best way to bet on MTG esports is through an online casino. Here you will take advantage of many perks which allow you to place bets for free. You can also use the free spins to try your luck on other casino games. The best casinos sites to use when betting on MTG are:

  • William Hill
  • BetWay Esports
  • GGBet
  • Bet365
  • BetSpan
  • ArcaneBet
  • Pinnacle
  • Bovada

The eSports betting sites listed above are all legitimate operators with comprehensive coverage and some of the best odds on the market. These operators offer mobile versions perfect for betting on the go, and in tandem with their initiative interfaces, they simplify completing a betting ticket. However, other online casinos offering eSports are available, and the Royal Panda review reveals the benefit of joining one such alternative operator. Always select a platform by focusing on licenses, a large portfolio of bonuses, competent customer support, and a reliable payment method for a streamlined eSports betting experience.

It takes time to perfect your betting skills even on MTG esports. The secret is to keep practicing, have a betting budget and never chase after loses.