Worlds Week- Team Madness

July 25, 2014

This week we have both the Player’s Championship and the World Magic Cup.
We are proud to have many representatives in the World Magic Cup:

Austria’s National Champion – Thomas Holzinger
Costa Rica’s National Champion – Miguel Gatica
Israel’s National Champion – Shahar Shenhar
Israel’s Team Members – Eviatar Olpiner, Niv Shmuely and Niv Danieli
Italy’s National Champion – Samuele Estartti
Italy’s Team Member – Emanuele Giusti
Spain’s Team Member – Joel Calafell

For a full list of the countries and their members, (Watch this!
The event starts Friday, and you can be sure that we will cover our team’s results in (our Facebook page

Shahar Shenhar will also take part in the Player’s Championship, the exclusive 16 player event, he will play Modern Masters draft, followed up by Standard, M14 draft and Modern.

For a list of the players in the Player’s Championship, (Click here!
The Player’s Championship start this Wednesday, and we will give you Shahar’s results in (our Facebook page

We wish all our players the best of luck, make us and your countries proud!

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