MTGMadness Trivia #5

September 27, 2017

Hello trivia fans. This is the newest episode of MTGMadness Trivia. Last time I asked for Iroas, God of Victory. Did you have it right? If not no problem I got you covered with a new one. This time it is a single card from Journey into Nyx again.
Here are our winners from last month:
Paul Swenson
Taylor Clogston
Leonel Saury

Let’s find out one of my favorite cards from Journey into Nyx Limited. Its cost is not low so I won’t have it in the first few turns, but it is not always obvious that I have it in my hand until it comes down, maybe even on your turn… who knows. If I control that card you better avoid trading too many creatures with me, because you won’t like the outcome. I take no pleasure in your suffering, but it is necessary.
Do you know the answer?
If you have got the correct card name send it to There will be 3 winners for this trivia, getting a 10$ coupon each.

Good luck at the tables,

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